Lindsay was born in Truckee, CA and moved to the Sacramento area when we she was 3. Lindsay's childhood memories include lots of great summers swimming in the backyard pool, winters playing in the Tahoe snow, and lots of big family get-togethers always with great food and lots of laughs. After graduating from UC Davis in 2004, Lindsay moved to downtown Sacramento where she worked in Interior Design and Architecture. Lindsay enjoys cooking, snowboarding, and designing and building furniture.

Danny was born and raised in San Diego. Growing up he enjoyed sports such as baseball, hockey, surfing and snowboarding. Danny graduated Poway High School in 2000, and enrolled at UC Santa Cruz where he met many of his best friends. After college Danny spent some time traveling Europe and snowboarding in Mammoth. The past 5 years Danny has worked as Sales Manager for Pacific Produx in Southern California. 

Boy Meets Girl

Two years after college graduation a large group of friends from UC Santa Cruz went on the infamous "Reunion Cruise".  Lindsay was invited through a mutual friend.  Before boarding the ship, the entire group met at The Yard House restaurant in Long Beach, where Danny and Lindsay were introduced for the very first time.  Danny and Lindsay had a chance to get to know each other over the next few days and they were hooked!

Over the next year they spent weekends visiting each other in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego, meeting each other's families and friends.  In 2008 Lindsay had a job opportunity in San Diego, so she relocated quite a bit closer to Danny.  Currently, Danny and Lindsay live in Huntington Beach, CA.

Early this year, Danny took Lindsay to Tahoe for a "spontaneous" weekend away.  Well, Lindsay thought it was spontaneous.  Actually, Danny had been planning the weekend for quite some time and proposed to Lindsay on the snowy South Shore of Lake Tahoe. 

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